ICBC Changes to Insurance

ICBC changes to insurance

“The provincial government has announced changes to control rates and increase care for those injured in a crash, with more money for the treatment and support they need to get better… “1

For more details, please visit the ICBC website here.

About Pre-authorized Acupuncture treatments

Patients will have 12 pre-authorized treatments available within the first 12 weeks following a crash occurring on or after May 1, 2021. To get treatment, all it takes is your ICBC case claim number.


Effective April 1, 2019, the provincial government has updated the treatment fees that ICBC will cover for care and treatment after a crash. 2 3

​Assessment visit (usually also include the actual acupuncture treatment) x 1 ​$111 55 min session
​Standard treatment x 11 ​$94 ​45 min session
Total of 12 visits


What if my accident happened before  May 1, 2021 or if I needed more treatment than that?

You may still be eligible for ICBC coverage if you are approved by your ICBC adjuster. Normally that will require a doctor’s note (doctor’s referral) and we will communicate to your ICBC adjuster for your behalf to confirm coverage prior to your acupuncture sessions. To complete this process, please provide us your personal health number (Care Card), ICBC claim number, your adjuster’s name and contact info.



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