Eight Reasons to Try Writing for Inner Work

1. Your words matter, let’s give it proper time to thoroughly carry your thought and emotion.

2. With our limited brain capacity, we tend to repeat the detail of our hardship again and again in conversation. However, in writing, we have much bigger room and allow us to access deeper and potentially empowering detail that often were omitted before.

3. Writing automatically provide you a record where you can re-visit and witness change which otherwise cannot keep track of.

4. Your emotion can be poison to the wrong ear. It is better to write it down in a safe place first and find a right person (which can be your own self) and time to pay it proper respect. Transferring these energy unintentionally to others can up hurting others and get retaliated.

5. Sometime somethings are not meant to be share but still needed to be properly express. Writing provide all the privacy you needed.

6. Unlike conversation that actually occupy your brain capacity, reviewing written words allows free up you intelligence to analysis it. You can identify a pattern and change a pattern if needed.

7. Writing is different from talking. Both channels were partially shaped by your audience. Since they tend to have different audiences, problem cannot solve through expression of talking have a better chance to be solve through expression of writing.

8. Writing give you a chance to be author of your story. The act itself already is quite empowering.