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Gary's acupuncture journeyA lot of people think, acupuncturist is the needle doctor. That is somewhat accurate in its practical sense. However, that’s not the way I feel thou. I like to think of myself as a landscaper that restore natural order to the sacred garden of our body. 

I often joke about the pursuit of health is overrated. Most people were granted with health to begin with. You don`t really need to chase it. What you needed is just stop ruining it. My work is more than just getting my clients better. It is about a paradigm shift to align with the universe more and growth closer toward true happiness.

Diseases, like any difficulties in life, have its physical cause, psychological cause, and spiritual cause. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic approach. By applying remedies to the right level, I have helped a senior gentlemen with crippling joint to overcome the 500 mile pilgrim walk in Sprain. I have also helped a lady overcome her insecurity and asthma during her transformation. (Visit my blog to see more of my case studies.)


Gary Chan, B.Sc, Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Gary the acupuncturistGary WW Chan is a Registered Acupuncturist and a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner (since 2006). He is a graduate of the five year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. He had interned in The Second Affiliate Hospital of An Hui, China and a private TCM clinic in Hong Kong.

Prior to entering health care, Gary was in the field of computing science. With strong logical reasoning and analytical skill, Gary entered the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine with lots of wonder. Gary enjoys practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and witness the amazing difference this ancient health system can make. Beside that, Gary has also training in O-Yin Stretching Method, Auricular Medicines, Reiki, and Matrix Energetic. Gary currently follows the life cultivation philosophy of Lao Zi. He believes all physical ailments can be properly addressed by proper balancing.

From High Tech to Ancient Wisdom:

Many have asked how Gary goes from Programmer to become an Acupuncturist. There are a lot of factors resulting in such a decision. However, a WOW experience with TCM certainly play a key role in it.

In 2002, Gary was still a programmer. Developing the virtual world inside a computer was the passion of Gary. After a few long night of work, appearing from nowhere, he developed this rather annoying pain in one of his molar.

acupuncture alternative to treat toothacheWhen the pain quickly deteriorates from annoying to unbearable, Gary had no choice to visit the dentist. Surprising to him, it was not cavity. According to the X ray, it was a nerve inflammation that result in such a pain. To effectively stop the pain, the dentist suggest to drill a hole into the molar and perform a root canal procedure.

This procedure, however, has two small side effects. One, it will kill the teeth when it gets rid of the nerve that govern the teeth. That implies additional procedures of filing the teeth and creating a crown. Two, it is not a simple procedure and will cost Gary a fortune. The cost and the horrible image of the procedure had successfully distracted Gary from his pain. Gary left the office and decided to sleep on the idea. At the drug store, while purchasing pain killer, the pharmacist notice Gary was bearing unusual amount of pain. Once Gary told him about his nerve, surprisingly, the pharmacy, aside from pain killer, asked him to try acupuncture as well.

First visit to the Acupuncturist:

acupuncturist locate acupuncture pointGary quickly visited this referred doctor. Lying on his tummy on the treatment table, Gary was going to receive acupuncture. He felt something happen behind his neck. And all of a sudden, a cooling/numbing sensation happened immediately to his painful molar. It was truly amazing. He woke up happily because the pain is 80% better after the session. After taking some herbal decotion for another day, Gary became completely relieved of the toothache (*additional note: Gary did eventually schedule for root canel procedure 18 years after in the year of 2020.).

At that point of time, Gary always wondered what had happened. Besides saving DOLLARS from the dentist, the acupuncturist also fixed the problem rather elegantly. The experience was a shock to Gary’s linear thinking model. While the direct approach (the dentist approach) seems to be the only option, somehow the human body equipped a better solution.

In programming, it takes a lot of effort to develop even a minor feature. This experience of toothache let Gary realize the opposite exists in the world. acupuncturist don't reinvent the wheel Instead of developing something, the universe (a lot of times) already possess ways, readily available, to achieve greatness with relatively little effort. The meridian system and the Zang/Fu approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine opened the eyes of Gary to a much more resourceful aspect of the universe. It is an amazing experience and an amazing insight. Eventually Gary decided to become part of it, leaving programming behind and attending Chinese Medicine School.


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