My Sincere Gratitude

Wow! We were happy and flattered to receive the 2024 Three Best Rated Award for Best Acupuncture in New Westminster. In the time of global difficulties, we are dedicated to provide the best Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy to the residents of New West. Your optimal well being (physical and mental) is our true reward.

Thank you once again for your support and spreading the words for us!


Gary Chan, Registered Acupuncturist of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BCIllness takes away people’s JOY, STRENGTH, and DIRECTION. I teach my client to discover their path of recovery. Using the natural model of Traditional Chines Medicine, we take away the power of the diseases and allow your body to restore balance.

I am an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I help people recover from their pains, anxieties and chronic illness.


Take a quick look on what other people say after having Gary’s treatment and have a feel about what makes his practice unique and right for you:

Acupuncture Office in New Westminster Acupuncture Office in New Westminster Acupuncture Office in New Westminster

“I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the treatments I have been taking with you. After breaking my foot I was not looking forward much to the recovery process. The time you have taken to explain acupuncture, to put my mind at ease, and your gentle touch have made the experience both enlightening and rewarding.” 

– Trevor K.

“I have had over 10 treatments with Gary and found him to be very professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, innovative and committed to my well-being and healing. Prior to seeing Gary, I have had three other acupuncturist over the years. I can honestly say that Gary outshines all of them by miles. I would recommend him to anyone looking for alternative treatment to traditional western medicine.” 

– Charonne S.

“Past Saturday, I underwent an acupuncture session with you, the first TCM experience in my life. The results are simply amazing! I feel much much better now. My energy is clearly returning. Gary. I admire your knowledge, your gentle competence! Thank you very much! I’ll gladly take your advice and will definitely go for a monthly “service wash” with you! Thank you again!” 

– Martin G.

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