Treating Diabetes The Chinese Medicine Way (Syndrome Differentiation)

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Disclaimer: Our website do not provide medical advise, diagnosis, or treatment. The information I provided here are base my interpretation on Dr. Yáng Zhàn Yuán`s publication in 2007 “Handbook to Cure Diabetes” (ISBN-10: 9889919338, ISBN-13: 9789889919337). It is all for informational purpose only. 

Simple Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar) vs Complicated Hyperglycemia

According to Dr Yang’s diabetes curing system, we will first differentiate high blood sugar into simple or complicated hyperglycemia . Simple hyperglycemia are the cases when one first discover their elevated blood sugar issues. If a diabetic has already adapted a restricted diet and taking blood sugar control medication for over 3 months, then they are complicated hyperglycemia.

Simple Hyperglycemia

Simple hyperglycemia refers to imbalance that has not been complicated by unnatural factors like restricted diet nor powerful pharmaceutical products. Their pathology and signs/symptoms forms a relatively more distinctive patterns.

In this type, there are two causes that condense the blood plasma and lead to elevate blood sugar: 1. Abnormal heat in various part of Zang Fu system condensed the blood plasma like caramel; 2. Abnormally lack of heat in various part of Zang Fu system condensed the blood plasma like ice cream.

Hot Type  Cold Type
Xin Fire Type Fei Deficiency
Gan Fire Type Pi Deficiency
Wei Fire Type Shen Deficiency

Complicated Hyperglycemia

Due to powerful interventions like prolong restricted diet or pharmaceutical products, the pathology of the original hyperglycemia has changed. The pattern differentiation of hot and cold type in simple hyperglycemia will no longer be practical. The priority of treating complicated hyperglycemia, according to Dr Yang, is to protect the body from further damage.

To treat complicated hyperglycemia, Dr Yang suggested one should first identify where the injuries are in the Zang Fu System. The Zang Fu system’s main components are Xin, Gan, Pi, Fei, Shen, Wei, Xiao Chang, Dai Chang, Dan, & Pang Guang. Once the injured Zang Fu organ has been identified, one has to immediately repair the damaged Zang Fu organs by replenishing vital substances and restoring their functions. Base on that, complicated hyperglycemia are further differentiated into the following sub-types.

Xin Pi Deficiency and Injury

Pi Shen Deficiency and Injury 

Xin Pi Shen Yang Deficiency

Qi Blood Deficiency

Gan Shen Deficiency

Severe Function Deficiency