Temporarily Close for Renovation

<<Latest update!>>

I am sorry to inform you in addition to the fire we had at Head to Toes Spa last week, we have an administrative complication which force me to pause my practice (Herbs and acupuncture) for at least 3 weeks minimal (up to ~May 10, 2022)

I would love to continue seeing you when this is eventually resolved.

In my Burnaby location, we do have other acupuncturists available on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I hope they can assist your acupuncture needs in the meantime.

The restoration will took minimal 2 months (honestly, probably even longer) and I am actively looking for new place to practice (ideally nearby the spa)

I apologize again for this misfortune causing you inconvenience. And I will keep you posted for updates when I resume practice and secure a new location.


Gary – The Chan Healing Centre