Acupuncture Rates:

New Westminster Location: #200 – 309 6th Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 3A9

Initial visit and Acupuncture treatment (with consultation) $153.00 

(55 min)

Subsequent Acupuncture treatment $115

Burnaby Location: #102 – 7777 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 4K2

Initial visit and Acupuncture treatment (with consultation) $145.00 


Subsequent Acupuncture treatment $117.00 


Herbal Medicine Rates:

Initial consultation  $76.5 (30 min)
Subsequent consultation $39 (15 min)
Herbal Medicine (cheaper of option A or B unless there is exceptional ingredients involved)
– Option A: by days (tax included)
$8 / day
– Option B: by volume (tax included)
$2 / g


Extended Health Insurance Coverage:

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MSP Coverage:

As of April 2008 – Acupuncture treatments are covered under MSP. This item is applicable only to patients who have MSP supplementary benefits status (e.g. premium assistance.) Patient will receive $23.00 reimbursement per visit for a total of 10 visits per year shared upon multiple medical cares (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathic, non-surgical podiatry, and physical therapy services.)

ICBC Coverage:

As of April 2019 – ICBC will automatically covers 12 acupuncture visit for patients who was injured in a motor vehicle accident after April 1, 2019. What it means is no doctor`s referral or pre-approval required. If the accident is over 12 weeks ago, one (patients, practitioners) can apply treatment extension with ICBC. Click here to learn more.