Save Yourself from Death (Part III)

The Feeling of Eternal Loneliness, Takes Away the Last Bit of Sanity.


The Boundary of Live, Dead, and Rebirth.

When we are about to die, after we inhale our last breath, depends on how strong we were and some other factors, we may not let go of our last breath immediately.

While we look pretty dead to the others, we are kind of still there. Crying family members or any attempt to touch or transport the body will make us feel very uncomfortable, agitated and angry. If you are in such state, just keep calm as much as you can and apply the method I listed in Part I. MantegnaDescentLimboWhen the last breath finally comes out and a yellow discharge oozing from one or more of our orifices, we are finally at the moment of death.

Depends on the impression that’s in us, we will either descend or ascend from here. If we descend too much, it will be difficult to raise again or get liberated. Please remember it is our own strength(impression) that is weighting us down, which implies our own power cannot turn the situation around. Apply the method I listed in Part I to get yourself in a more favorable situation.

Visiting the Realm of the Dead

Depends if we have successfully save ourselves from death by now, we may finally be dead. Some people rebirth instantly (as the impression resonate strongly with a specific realm.) Some people will get themselves into this state of between death and rebirth, a spirit form of existence. This following describe how it will be like in a typical scenario.

Existence without a Body


We will be small regardless how our build was before, typically approximately three feet tall. We will be able to remember well. At the beginning of our spirit form, we are actually illuminated and have highly activated sixth sense. Most of the case we will not realize if we are dead or not. Our mind and logic don’t function like normal living people. We will be confused and frustrated.

If our family call our name at the funeral, we will be immediately summoned to them. It will be a shock when we see our physical body there. Without the physical body, we got overwhelm easily by emotion and thoughts. The sorrow of realizing one`s own death come with a burning pain. (yes, we can still feel pain without a physical body. And it is not hard to understand if you have heard of phantom pain.)

Suffering without a Body

When we see our family crying or sad because of us, it is almost natural that we will try to comfort them and talk to them. Only then, after we tried, we realize they no longer can hear us. We got frustrated and tried even harder because we are very emotional as a spirit. We got desperate, frustrated, but no matter what we do, the effort all goes to vanity. At the end, we have no choice but leave with just regrets and sorrow.

3907873422_f1d9eef79d_oIf you have know people with mental disorder, you may have an idea of the discomfort one experience as a spirit form. The domination emotion state is excessive scatter thought and paranoia. Lots of conflicting thought like, “I am so tire. Let’s take a rest.” and “This is so uncomfortable, I cannot stay here.” We will frequently have the thought of going back to our physical body, an idea derived from desperation that will have no result. Powerless, hopeless. sad, and regret (which can be illogical according to our eyes now, but we aren’t functioning like we were alive anymore.)

Sometimes by having the family perform the proper ritual, we will be able to tap into the rescue of the superior power. But other than that, we are most likely suffering from hopelessness and wandering empty in such spirit like state. We are so overwhelmed by the discomfort and many of us will choose to end this spirit kind of existence regardless of consequence. And many people end up rebirth in a negative realm (hell, hungry ghost, or animal) out of desperation.

If, we are so lucky remembering the method I listed in the first post and executing it religiously, there may still be a chance to be liberated by superior power or born into a more preferred realm.

The Feeling of Eternal Loneliness, Drives us to Make Bad Decision

Das_Bild_der_Höchsten_Seele_als_Lichtpunkt_TRWhen our desperation reach its highest point, we will notice six colors of light where each one correspond to one form of rebirth (Deva, Man, Asura, Animal, Hungry Ghost, Hell). Depends on the impression that you had, you will feel particularly attracted to one specific color(form). There are literature documented the color that is corresponding to the different forms. However, as I stated earlier, we can’t think (make decision or apply logic) like we are now, we will still end up choosing according to our instinct and end up re-birthing to the form our impression resonate the most.

Before you committed into any one form to rebirth, superior power always do their best to give the last rescue. They will be in the form of bright shinning light. If you “can” decide to merge with them, simple as that, you have been rescued. However, our impression, which is so strong and powerful, will play tricks on us making us to avoid these choices and decision. They can stirring up confusion and fear in order to get you rebirth according to them. In such case, I can only hope the impression you had is pure and kind thus you will be rebirth in a pleasant realm like heaven (Deva) or earth (Man).

At our next post, we are going wrap up this series and answer some commonly asked question of this subject. Stay tuned!!