Save Yourself from Death (Part IV)

A Sign can Show You the Way, But It Cannot Walk the Path for You.


The Rapid Current

The process of dying and rebirth can be imagine as a situation where your boat is sinking into a fast flowing river. We may have studied how the current is going to be like. But when we actually got into the water, the current is probably not like how we expect it?

Someone may have told you how to swim to save your life. But most people panic when they get into the water. Will you able to remember to swim towards the shore and actually make it in such rapid current?

Arthur_Rackam_Die_RheintöchterI have stated before it is best to bypass the whole dying process and get liberated directly before death. Once the element within our bodies starts to collapse, there are so many uncertainties and nobody can guarantee if you can remember how and properly save yourself from death. However, even if I keep repeating myself, most of you will still either not believing it or not taking it seriously.

To save yourself from death, you do not need the information I listed below. All these extra details are provided for one purpose, to make an impression inside you. In the unfortunate circumstances, when you finally see the scenarios below (probably as a spirit form), I hope you can recognize it and remember you actually learned a method to save yourself in such true emergency.

A sign can show you the way, but it cannot walk the path for you.

Extra Descriptions & Other Commonly Asked Questions:

Question 1. Let’s say the impression is resonating with hell, what may one experience as a spirit?

Answer: Many things could have happen, please see the brief description of the following scenarios.

  • Mutenice_wine_cellar_4841Stone House: One may be lured by someone singing a sad song into a stone house. One will follow the sound and enters the subterranean cellar that can be either black or white. Once it enters the tunnel, the next moment, one has already rebirth in hell.
  • Getting Cold: One may get wet or/and cold by weather and suddenly sees fire. Once approach the fire to get dry and warm, the next moment, he has already rebirth in the scotching hell.
  • Getting Hot: One may get hot for whatever reason and find a cooling breeze. Once approaching the direction, the next moment, he has already rebirth in the frozen hell.
  • Friends and Family: One may see friends and relative waving at him. Once he runs toward them, everything changed and he has rebirth in hell.
  • Daemon/Beast: One may see daemon and beast going after him especially if there is a lot of killing in his impressions. It will often come with nasty weather (violent wind, thunder, earth quake, tsunami, fire…) to make this scare tactic more effective. One will naturally run for his life (even thought one is already dead) and here is the point that one will reach three cliffs of different color. They are white, black and red.) If the spirit is driven by fear, there is a high chance that it will fall and rebirth in one of the three negative realm (hell, hungry ghost, animal.)
  • The Judge: A judge, a daemon king will show up with two pile of pebble stones. The black pebble represents the spirit`s demerits and the white pebble represents its merits. If one tries to deny their accuracy, the judge will replay his life like a video using a mirror (TV?). When his punishment has been decided, a bull head daemon will show up and drag one to hell.

Question 2. Let’s say the impression is resonating with the animal realm, what may one experience as a spirit?

AbigorAnswer: One may find itself weightless and drift away by wind. There will also be daemons like the scenario “Daemon and Beast” in Question 1. However, in this case, one will find its way out of the cliff. One will spot a valley or some sort of cave. When he trying to hide inside the cave, he already has rebirth as a snake, wolf, tiger, or cougar kind of animal. The realm of animal is a world of poverty, savagery, slavery and ignorance. (Ignorance result in repeatedly rebirth as animal thus more poverty, more savagery and more slavery.)

Question 3. Let’s say the impression is resonating with the hungry ghost realm, what may one experience as a spirit?

Answer: One may find itself in a desert or a shallow hole in the ground. The grass and vegetation is dying. The excess amount of greed within its impression will make one rebirth in a place of extreme poverty. As a hungry ghost, one face constant hunger, thirst, and emaciation.

Question 4. Let`s say the impression is resonating as the asura realm, what may one experience as a spirit?

Answer: One may find itself in a beautiful forest. There will also be two fire wheel spinning facing each other. Once the scene caught his attention, one rebirth as asura already. Asura is like a demigod. Unfortunately there is seed of unhappiness sown in its impression already. They face a higher chance to descend into one of the three negative realm (hell, hungry ghost, animal) when his life as asura is over.


Question 5. Let`s say the impression is resonating with the deva realm, what may one experience as a spirit?

Answer: One may see beautiful soft white light, hearing celestial music, seeing heavenly palace, and other beautiful devas. The deva king will come to welcome you and bring you into heaven. You will be filled with joy and once you follow him, you have reborn in heaven.

Question 6. Let`s say the impression is resonating with the man realm, what may one experience as a spirit?

Answer: The spirit may end up near a beautiful lake. There can be goose, cow, or other animals. It is a comfortable scene. Once the scene caught his attention, one rebirth as man. There are also other scenarios where one sees houses when they are trying to get away from wind, snow or rain. These house can be vary from beautiful palace, apartment building, little hut, small shack or just even a wall. The more fancy the building, the wealthier the family one is about to reborn to.

Question 7. So, what`s the problem to be born again as Man/Deva?

scroll-315451_960_720Answer: Depends on the perspective, there are different answers on such question. Let`s put it this way, if rebirth in hell, animal or hungry ghost realm is bad. Then, it is good only if we will not EVER end up experiencing those realm. May you rebirth as deva, man or asura for now, when that life ends, you are still at risk of going to the negative realm again.

If we would like to use an analogy of a prisoner, Execution tomorrow sure sounds better than execution today. But it is not when comparing it to the option of being release today.

So, in short, rebirth as deva certainly beats born as animal, but if you have a chance to be liberate, take it.

Question 8. So can one still be liberated by superior power at these points, like after seeing things like the judge, the heavenly palaces…?

Answer: One can still be save with the right method before they enter their next birth. See Post 1 for one of these methods.

Question 9. What does it mean if the spirit witness a sex scene.

Warren_Cup_BM_GR_1999.4-26.1_n2Answer: Before rebirth into any sort of mammal, (which include both animal or man), the spirit may first witness its parent to be mating. If that caught ones attention or the desire got stirred up, one will be sucked into the womb and the spirit will be stuck there awaiting for birth. If one is more attached to the father, one will born as a girl, and if one is more attached to the mother, one will born as a boy. Sexual desire is such powerful impression and it is a very dangerous one in the path of liberation.

Question 10. I heard that killing (e.g. serving meat at the funeral) is going to make the dead spirit descend and rebirth in negative realm  (hell, hungry ghost, animal.) Is that true?

Answer: Yes, in short.

Question 11. I heard that one will also sees light given one is liberating by superior power, how can I tell the difference from the light of other realm.

Answer: Roughly speaking, the light from liberation is very bright while the light from other realm is kind of dim or soft. But I wouldn’t count on this alone as judgement as a spirit can be augmented by the powerful impressions.


So, this is it. This is the end of “Save yourself from Death” series. I understand there will always be questions unanswered or things that are missing. Please take a minute to review the swimming analogy I provided at the beginning. I hope you can find the answer you need from the abstract.


On the shore, a new guy make it with his boat. He is shocked how many people are actually drowning in the river. He asks the guy that is welcoming him on the shore, why didn’t those people sail across the river when they are still in their boat? Wouldn’t that be much easier, comparing to swim in those rapid current? The other guy replies, “I know. That would be so much easier. But of course, that would only work if they know about the shore and dare to live on land. After all, they have been on water for so long and they do not know better…”

So, now you have heard of the shore. Are you going to turn your boat heading there?