Covid-19 Phase II reopening plan.

We are re-opening May 20 (with some exemptions)

We miss you all!

With all the preparation as early as March, we are proud and confident to announce we are back to business right after our Victoria day long weekend.

Following the guideline of Provincial Health Officer, the following public health enhanced protocols were introduced.

Before your appointment:

If your needs can be satisfied by tele-practice, one should minimize unnecessary in-person visits. The patient’s visit should be conducted by telepractice.

On top of that, patients should
• stay home rather than seek your treatment if they exhibit any symptoms of
respiratory infection (even a common cold)
• come to the clinic alone. Anyone who accompanies them to the clinic will not be permitted to enter the office space
• comply with infection control procedures while in the office

Upon arrival:

  • Our front door will be locked to restrict un-scheduled access of the premises. Patients can not be admitted to the office unless they have an appointment and have passed pre-screening.
  • Please call our front desk at 604.540.0055
  • Another round of screening will happen immediately via the phone or upon entering the office (that may not guarantee your privacy.)
  • A face mask is required upon entry to the office (and we do have them available for sale if you cannot obtain a proper mask elsewhere)
  • Our staff will direct you to the sink of the open area so that you can thoroughly wash your hand (same treatment for everybody that enter the premises to minimize potential contamination) and you will be lead to your treatment room directly to minimize social contact. 
  • Please adware that the washroom is limited for emergency only. Please go to the bathroom at the comfort of your own home before coming to your appointment.
  • The office can no longer provide refreshment, but you are free to bring your own bottled water.

During treatment:

  • Your practitioner will be wearing a face mask to cover their nose and mouth and a face shield for additional protection of his/her eyes.
  • All surfaces that are “high touch” in the room has been wiped with disinfectants, but it is still recommended for clients and staff to minimize contact.
  • All linen will be washed in highest industrial standard, but it is still preferred to have treatment facing up (if possible.) or in a sitting position.
  • Observation of the tongue for diagnostic purpose will not be conducted in person at this time. It is best to have most of the consultation done during the pre-screen process and a photograph of your tongue will serve as the alternative for tongue diagnosis.
  • To avoid prolong close proximity between the practitioner and patient, the time that the practitioner and client share the same space (room) will be minimize (ideally less than 15 mins) to further lower the risk of transmission.
  • Acupuncture points around the mouth and nose will be avoid (basically we won’t go near your mask to risk compromise its protection.)

To learn more, please also visit https://www.headtotoesspa.com/new-guidelines-for-covid-19/ to see Head to Toes Spa’s personal and environmental hygiene process.

We look forward to you again this summer!