Why do you need a Psychic?

psychic readingPsychic is not for everyone. It is the same situation as in any other intervention (e.g. antidepressants or surgery)

If you are spiritual conscious, which I define as accepting there is a spiritual world that is beyond explainable and measurable by our intellect and five senses, you maybe susceptible to distress originated from such realm.

These distresses can be in many different forms (e.g. anxiety, doubt, emptiness from the inside, fear, depression, fatigue, physical sickness, emotional distress…) But they are mainly cause by lacking of coherence between the spiritual world and physical world. Sometimes a psychic/intuitive reading may provide the guidance and support that you need to balance these two world views.

psychic readingI am a spiritual healer that runs a practice base on such concept. I will not call myself a psychic as the benefit of my service has less to do with the insight I got from the spiritual world, but more about the physical, psychological, and spiritual change induced during our interaction. (By the way, feel free to call me a wizard if you like… <Smile>)

By revealing what was shown in the moment (a form of psychic reading) and applying other healing methods, I have helped a lady overcome her insecurity and asthma during her transformation. I have also helped people going through divorce and separation to realign with their purpose.


My client often found my treatment magical. Beside relieving their distress, there is a paradigm shift that is pleasant beyond description. By providing proper guidance about the spiritual world, my client get the support they needed to stay balance. And that is an important foundation in terms of making spiritual growth.

Take a quick look on what other people say about Gary and have a feel about what makes his practice unique and right for you:.

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 Gary’s energy healings are remarkable! He has helped me, my daughter and our puppy with energy healing. Our puppy used to have a hacking and allergy issue and it is completely gone. My daughter and I had sessions for emotional balancing and I am very impressed with the results. I recommend trying, because it has made a remarkable difference for us.

Michelle S

“Past Saturday, I underwent an acupuncture session with you, the first TCM experience in my life. The results are simply amazing! I feel much much better now. My energy is clearly returning. Gary. I admire your knowledge, your gentle competence! Thank you very much! I’ll gladly take your advice and will definitely go for a monthly “service wash” with you! Thank you again!”

Martin G.

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