Telemedicine – Remote Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultations Via Internet

It is simple. You are ill but you don’t have access to a physical doctor. You believe in Chinese Medicine. Why not receive a Chinese Medicine assessment via the internet at the comfort of your own home.

Ideal for:

  • people who need routine care
  • individuals with chronic ailment
  • individual with physical disability that prevent them go to see an actual doctor


  • $20 + GST per session
  • Herbal Medicine is $0.75/g + GST + shipping (Base on the situation, a daily dose of herbal medicine can range from 1-25 g)

How to use Telemedicine at The Chan Healing Center


  • A working email address of yours
  • Internet access (* with video conference technology like Zoom or WhatsApp)
  • Online payment method (e.g. INTERACT e-transfer, paypal)

The steps:

1. Reserve a time 2. Fill up the form 3. Connect at Zoom

Use the schedule below to reserve your preferred time*. Submit your concerns using the interactive forms in the next page. We may contact you via email prior to your appointment for additional information. We will be using one of the video conference technology (e.g. Zoom or WhatsApp) to conduct the session. The actual steps to setup the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you. A session will typically takes 10-25 minutes only. Majority of information exchange will happen beforehand.

During the actual session, we will follow up on your concern and collect additional data visually (e.g. tongue diagnosis).  We will discuss our finding, the diagnosis and recommend a suitable Chinese medicine treatment, which can include but not limited to the following:

  • Acupressure points, meridian massages
  • Dietary and food preparation recommendation
  • Herbal Prescription
  • Exercise and stretch routines.

Schedule an appointment time:

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Reserve and proceed to step two


* Appointment with less than 24hr advance notice may subject to rescheduling. We do our best to review your case as soon as possible. We appreciate your patient when you are waiting for the confirmation and login details.